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Charitable Giving

Many people start giving because of tax benefits or school commitments but then discover the personal satisfaction that only philanthropy can provide. But why do we make charitable gifts? The reasons are varied and unique to each individual:


Personal Reasons


  • Interest in creating a legacy

  • Feel strongly about a cause

  • Giving back to the community

  • Personal experience with an organization

  • Response to a request

  • Religion or spirituality

  • Keep family close and in contact

  • Pass on tradition of giving to children and grandchildren


Financial Reasons


  • Tax benefits

  • Control the transfer of wealth

  • Circumstances/life event (business sale, inheritance, retirement, etc.)

  • Have multiple charitable interests and desire to simplify and streamline your giving to them


Charitable giving can be an integral part of any client's financial and estate plan, and we can help you focus on your charitable giving goals meaningfully and effectively.


Philanthropy is most rewarding for you and for those to whom you give when practiced effectively. We invites you to explore the areas below so that your charitable giving meets not only your philanthropic goals, but is integrated with your financial and personal goals as well. The Advisors at Abelow Pratt & Associates offers guidance to our clients in all areas of giving from donor advised funds, to charitable remainder trusts to private foundations.



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