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Trust Services

Trustees may have to make tough decisions that might not be popular with all your beneficiaries. After all, the trustee is carrying out your instructions, not your beneficiaries’ wishes. This can be a difficult role to fulfill for a family member, who may not be unbiased, or may wish to act in a manner that avoids hard feelings within the family, rather than carrying out your instructions. Also, few family members have investment management skills or expertise in fiduciary law and practice. Family members can be given important advisory roles, in approving disbursements, for example, or other exercises of discretion.


The Benefits of Naming a Professional Trustee Include:

  • „„Unbiased loyalty and independence to carry out your wishes

  • „„Knowledgeable management, protection and defense of trust assets

  • „„Experienced oversight of the investment process to be carried out by your financial advisor

  • „„Timely and accurate statements of the account to keep you and all current beneficiaries informed

  • Consistent annual reviews

  • „„Accountable collection and prudent distribution of income and assets

  • „„Tax reporting, filing and comprehensive regulatory compliance on behalf of the trust

The Private Trust Company offers administrative services for the following types of accounts:

  • „„Revocable or Living Trusts

  • „Irrevocable Trusts

  • „„Charitable Remainder Trusts

  • „„Charitable Lead Trusts

  • Special Needs Trusts

  • „„Life Insurance Trusts

  • „„Agency

  • „„Custodial

  • „„Private Foundations

  • „„Guardianships

  • „„Family Office Group

The Private Trust Company, N.A., licensed in all 50 states under its 1995 national banking charter, serves as trustee, co-trustee, or agent for the trustee while specializing in delegating investment management to financial advisors. This model allows for clients to utilize the experts at The Private Trust Company to provide professional trust administrative services while outsourcing investment management services.             

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